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newly developed pictures ..!








the things i did yesterday

yesterday i used this tutorial to make these earrings and necklace to-be. i’m pretty pleased with them but i think i’m going to paint the earrings a different color.

other pictures from yesterday just for funsies:

hanging garden.

i don’t have a porch at this apartment, which is a bummer for growing stuff. i wouldn’t mind just putting pots in a window but my cats WILL NOT tolerate this. a hanging garden seemed to be the only solution (and macrame). i used this tutorial.

things i am going to do when i don’t have so much goddam work:

1. get to work on a hanging garden in the kitchen/dining area window.

2. dye my hair with kool-aid.

3. make a dream catcher.

4. go to chicago


6. go to all the thrift shops i haven’t been to in what seems like forever.

7. finish books.

8. start books.

9. take more pictures with a larger variety of cameras.

10. go camping.

11. get a first tattoo.

12. listen to country music “ironically”

13. etc.

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see ya later, world!

window coverings

a lot of people walk past this window but i hate to block the morning light. i also hate not walking around in my underwear. SO, using this recipe for liquid starch with some thrifted fabric i can still have (a good amount of) light AND underwear parties every morning.

bad habit

taking a habit breaking tip from lifehacker, i bite/rip my nails, and to stop i’m going to “take it slow.”

need you now


is the first night in a while not spent in a hospital or in the shadow of stacks of homework, i plan on eating vanilla bean ice cream with amaretto and drawing in this book to be followed by little big planet (a recent gift from my lovr).

i can’t stop thinking about death and i think it’s because of my birth control

still sad knowing this. maybe more than when i’m without such a scientific reason.