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things i(‘ve convinced myself i) need before school starts again.

a new backpack, sleeve for my laptop, snazzy flash drive, daily planner, huarache sandals, PENS, tangle-less headphones, rings, lunch box, bicycle shorts (for warm days on a bike & in a skirt), and a watch for chronic tardiness.



is this real life?


the lock button on my iphone stopped working the other day so i went to the apple store to get it fixed and they gave me a new one! it’s so nice looking and new i haven’t been able to bring myself to put the gross old clear case i had been using on it before. this makes it an excellent time to finally get a case from society 6! i looked at all 262 pages of options because i am insane and can’t bear the thought of missing something amazing. here are some of my favorites.

best new thing i just found ever.

did you know you can sign up for free weekly samples at! um, i think it’s going to be my new favorite thing. look at what i’ve gotten already!

records as books

so nice.


i’m taking a horrible math class but tesselations are pretty. click the image to find source.

sources lost on these last two photos. do you know?

moon museum.

if you were wondering if a miniature “art museum” currently exists on the moon, the answer is: “probably, yes.”

wikipedia article, video from pbs (go to chapter 4)

things that caught my eye today:

oh goodness.

i definitely need all of these right now. how i have not seen them before?

here are some things i’ve liked on the internet

..over the past week/maybe longer. i’m not keeping track. click the image to know more of it.