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the lock button on my iphone stopped working the other day so i went to the apple store to get it fixed and they gave me a new one! it’s so nice looking and new i haven’t been able to bring myself to put the gross old clear case i had been using on it before. this makes it an excellent time to finally get a case from society 6! i looked at all 262 pages of options because i am insane and can’t bear the thought of missing something amazing. here are some of my favorites.


okay, so..

these “instant weirdo glasses” are pretty much just Chicks with Steve Buscemi Eyes in RL, right?

things i am going to do when i don’t have so much goddam work:

1. get to work on a hanging garden in the kitchen/dining area window.

2. dye my hair with kool-aid.

3. make a dream catcher.

4. go to chicago


6. go to all the thrift shops i haven’t been to in what seems like forever.

7. finish books.

8. start books.

9. take more pictures with a larger variety of cameras.

10. go camping.

11. get a first tattoo.

12. listen to country music “ironically”

13. etc.

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sarah jane!

really sad to hear that elisabeth sladen has died. and not just because she was a totally pretty lady.

why can’t i be you?!

bad habit

taking a habit breaking tip from lifehacker, i bite/rip my nails, and to stop i’m going to “take it slow.”


is the first night in a while not spent in a hospital or in the shadow of stacks of homework, i plan on eating vanilla bean ice cream with amaretto and drawing in this book to be followed by little big planet (a recent gift from my lovr).

i can’t stop thinking about death and i think it’s because of my birth control

still sad knowing this. maybe more than when i’m without such a scientific reason.

who thought these facial expressions were okay?


resolving to..

stop being a wuss and ride my bike to school even though it’s super cold still.

buy this water bottle and drink more water.

dye my hair an unnatural color.

stop throwing my clothes on the floor.

prevent terrible, terrible migranes.

make special butter for special baked goods.

stop eating gluten.

stop ripping flesh from my fingers.

go to gym 3x a week.

get some money.

make this rice pudding with some leftovers and some almond milk.